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LLB ( UB) BL (ABUJA) DIP COMPUTER ( KUMBA) Barrister , Solicitor and Notary of the supreme courts of Cameroon and Nigeria

Steps to Register a Company in Cameroon

Steps to register a company in Cameroon. To register a company in Cameroon, the promoters must ascertain the type of company (private or public limited company). To register a company in Cameroon the promoters must understand the principle of corporate legal entity. In setting up a company in Cameroon, the minimum share capital to set

How to Create a Bank Account in Cameroon

How to create a bank account in Cameroon. In this post we will guide you through the process of creating a bank account in Cameroon. We will discuss the various types of bank accounts and how to create them respectively. Types of Bank Accounts in Cameroon The type of bank accounts operated in Cameroon include;

How to Pay Tax in Cameroon

How to pay tax in Cameroon easily. Taxation will be one of your main concerns if you are moving to Cameroon, especially if you intend to work there. Most workers, including expatriates, have to pay income tax. In fact, the tax rate for them ranges between 10 and 35%, depending on your yearly income threshold. Those earning

Best Law Firm In Douala Cameroon

Best Law Firm In Douala Cameroon. Laws of the land are like a binder that helps to maintain social order and stability. Without them, even scholars, including Hobbes have talked about the draconian times that may land upon everyone. We frame rules to ensure that people will follow and comply with them and any violation

How to Report a Scam in Cameroon

How to Report a Scam in Cameroon. As a Cameroonian law firm of solicitors specializing in litigation, we often help overseas victims of internet fraud and email scams to recover monies that have been sent to bank accounts in Cameroon as a consequence of the fraud or scam. Some common examples of online business frauds

Transactional Due Diligence in Cameroon

Transactional Due Diligence in Cameroon. The acquisition of a company or participation in a company requires a careful due diligence on the target company. In practice, a due diligence process in Cameroon generally consists of a legal due diligence, tax due diligence and potentially a technical due diligence. Such due diligence process is generally conducted

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