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International Trade

About our International Trade Service

Companies engaged in international trade in cameroon are increasingly impacted by governmental actions, which creates a challenging business environment for all players. The involvement by governments, whether negotiating new trade agreements or modifying existing international trade laws and regulations, regularly alters the legal landscape. Regardless of the ultimate goal, whether to relax or tighten trade laws, the immediate impact on our clients is often a tangle of new rules, procedures and exceptions, which must be followed to the letter. Our experienced and multidisciplinary team of international trade law specialists help our clients manage the risks and maximise the rewards of doing business in Cameroon or engaging in cross-border transactions. Our clients come to us from a wide range of industries with significant matters and questions concerning the challenges inherent in doing business and expanding their operations across Cameroon. Our lawyers have a deep knowledge of local laws, international treaties, free trade agreements, international law and the rules of common trade practices. We leverage our leading Cameroonian and global trade law expertise to achieve successful outcomes for our clients in all aspects of trade and investment law in cameroon.