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Cameroon Ship Registry

Cameroon ship registry

Cameroon Ship Registry

The history and background of the Cameroon Ship Registry can be traced back to the establishment of the Maritime Administration in Cameroon. The Maritime Administration was created in 1972 with the aim of regulating and overseeing maritime activities in the country. One of its key responsibilities was the registration and documentation of ships operating under the Cameroonian flag.

Initially, the Cameroon Ship Registry faced several challenges in its early years. Limited resources, lack of infrastructure, and a relatively small fleet of registered vessels posed obstacles to its development. However, over time, the registry underwent significant improvements and reforms to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness.

Ship Registry

In the late 1990s, the Cameroon Ship Registry underwent a major restructuring process. This involved the implementation of modernized systems and procedures to streamline the registration process and ensure compliance with international maritime standards. The registry also adopted advanced technology to facilitate online registration and documentation, making it more accessible and user-friendly for ship owners and operators.

The Cameroon Ship Registry has since gained recognition and accreditation from various international maritime organizations, including the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This accreditation signifies that the registry meets the required standards and regulations set by the IMO, ensuring the safety and security of vessels registered under the Cameroonian flag.

One of the key advantages of registering a ship under the Cameroon flag is the favorable legal framework provided by the country. Cameroon has enacted legislation that promotes a business-friendly environment for ship owners, offering attractive incentives and tax benefits. This has encouraged many ship owners to choose the Cameroon Ship Registry as their preferred option for vessel registration.

The Cameroon Ship Registry also places a strong emphasis on safety and security. It has implemented rigorous inspection and certification procedures to ensure that registered vessels comply with international safety standards. Regular inspections are conducted to verify the seaworthiness of ships and to ensure compliance with international conventions, such as the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL).

Furthermore, the Cameroon Ship Registry provides a range of services to ship owners and operators. These services include the issuance of registration certificates, the facilitation of mortgage registrations, the provision of technical assistance, and the handling of vessel transfers and changes in ownership. The registry also maintains a comprehensive database of registered vessels, which serves as a reliable source of information for maritime authorities and stakeholders.

In recent years, the Cameroon Ship Registry has continued to expand and modernize its operations. It has strengthened its collaboration with international maritime organizations and has actively participated in regional and international forums to promote maritime safety and security. The registry’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement has positioned it as a reputable and reliable choice for ship owners seeking a flag of convenience.

Services Offered:

The Cameroon Ship Registry offers a wide range of services to ship owners, including vessel registration, issuance of registration certificates, and the facilitation of ownership transfers. It also conducts inspections to ensure compliance with international safety and environmental standards. The registry provides technical assistance and guidance to ship owners, assisting them in meeting regulatory requirements. Additionally, it offers a platform for ship owners to access relevant information and updates regarding maritime regulations and industry developments.

In conclusion, the history and background of the Cameroon Ship Registry reflect its evolution from a modest beginning to a well-established and respected maritime authority. Through its commitment to safety, efficiency, and customer service, the registry has played a vital role in promoting the growth and development of the maritime industry in Cameroon

Ship Registration in Cameroon

The Flag of Confidence


      • Serious and efficient maritime administration

      • Flag state inspectorate to ensure adherence to international standards

      • Twenty four hours, seven days a week service in respect of urgent matters

      • Sound multilateral and bilateral relations

      • Active participation in international shipping fora.

    Advantages of Registering a Ship under a Cameroonian Flag


        • Ships may be registered in the name of legally constituted corporate bodies or entities irrespective of nationality.

        • low , ship registration and tonnage tax costs;

        • progressive reduction in registration and tonnage tax costs for younger ships

        • these incentives may also be extended to smaller ships

        • no restrictions on the nationality of the master, officers and crew

        • no restrictions on the sale or transfer of shares of a company owning Cameroonian ships

        • no restrictions on the sale and mortgaging of Cameroonian ships

      Superyacht Registration

      Under the Cameroon Flag a yacht may be registered as a Private yacht or a Commercial yacht.

      Private Registration

      A private registered yacht to be any pleasure yacht, of 6 metres in length or more, which does not carry passengers for reward and is not engaged in trade but is used for the sole purpose of the owner.

      Commercial Registration

      A commercially registered yacht is considered to be a yacht, of 15 metres in length or more, which do not carry cargo, carries not more than 12 passengers and operated by the owner or body corporate owning the yacht for commercial use.

      The following classes of yachts will be considered for commercial registration:


      1. Yachts in commercial use of not less than 15 metres in length and not more than 24 metres.
      2. Superyachts in commercial use of more than 24 metres in length and less than 500 gross tonnes.
      3. Superyachts in commercial use of more than 24 metres in length and 500 gross tonnes and over.
      4. Yacht registration whether private or commercial is a very simple and straight forward process subject that all documentation is in order.

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