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Banking & Finance Law In Cameroon

Banking & Finance Law In Cameroon

Banking & Finance Law In Cameroon

Best Banking & Finance Law Firm in Cameroon

Investment Lawyers in Cameroon

Prime Time Law Office, a leading financial law firm in Cameroon, offers banking and financial law services. The firm engages in different aspects of services for borrowing and lending money.

Our services include representing banks, other financial organizations and corporations in lending and borrowing transactions. It also involves compliance with all laws bothering on financial services.

Our banking and finance practices areas offer various services to different financial and regulatory entities such as banks, corporate lenders and borrowers, foreign and domestic investors and other financial institutions.

Prime Time Law office team comprises resourceful finance lawyers in Cameroon eager to negotiate only the best client deals.

We are a leading banking and finance law firm in Cameroon.


  • Project Finance
  • Real estate finance
  • Asset Finance
  • Acquisition Finance
  • Structured Finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Bank lending
  • Due diligence and compliance


  • Advising financial institutions and businesses on legal requirements of financial and investment activities
  • Consulting with clients to establish specific financial needs and the commercial context of a transaction
  • Negotiate with either lender or borrower to agree on the terms of a deal
  • Carrying out due diligence on borrowers on behalf of a lender
  • Evaluate collateral in a secured transaction to ensure it is genuine, unencumbered and properly granted
  • Drafting, reviewing and modifying lending documents such as Guarantees, Pledge Agreements, Debentures, Mortgages, and Bill of sale, among other documentation
  • Risk management advisory
  • Litigation & Arbitration of financial services disputes

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