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Prime Time Law office is Cameroon’s best Law and leading ship/Vessel registration firm.



Top Ship & Vessel Registration Law Firm in Cameroon

Cameroon enjoys a strategic and distinguished location in the gulf of guinea, nearest to the Atlantic Ocean, making Cameroon one of the most important international trading arteries. Cameroon, with its essential transportation host of four maritime ports, is an important hub for shipping.

Shipping companies are one of the essential players in the maritime sector in Cameroon; therefore, for the investor to register the vessel/ ship in Cameroon, it is crucial to know and follow the requirements.


The Law that governs the ship registration process in Cameroon is the CEMAC Merchant Shipping Community code of 3rd August 2001, as amended on 22nd August 2012.
The Competent Registration Authority:

The head of any of the four maritime port districts (Limbe, Douala, Kribi, Garoua) all for communities maintain a ship and vessel registration register in Cameroon.


The vessel owner who wishes to register his vessel shall submit a request to the concerned administrative authority, which shall include the following:

  1. The vessel’s current and previous name(s);
  2. The registration port;
  3. The vessel’s date of manufacture and the place where it was built;
  4. The address of the plant where the vessel was built;
  5. The type of the vessel (sailing, mechanical motor);
  6. The vessel’s cargo;
  7. The name, surname, and profession of the owner, or the owners in a co-ownership with clarification of each owner’s share;
  8. The captain’s name and the number of his certificate;
  9. The collaterals, if any, and their date, and the creditor’s name, surname, profession, and place of residency;
  10. Any execution over the vessel, if any, and all the information related to the execution.

The register must attach the pre-mentioned documents to the request, and a certificate from the foreign vessel’s record, if it exists, is cancelled.

The registration certificate:

Upon finishing the registration process, the administrative authority shall give the vessel owner a Cameroonian registration certificate inclusive of all information mentioned in the vessel register. This certificate shall be the main document proving the vessel’s nationality.

Prime Time Law office’s ship registration practice provides legal assistance to ship owners, managers and financiers with their ship registration ship financing and mortgage registration requirements.

We provide a twenty-four-hour, seven-day-a-week service and assist our clients with any technical support they may require from local surveyors.


  • Ship Registration under the Cameroon flag;
  • Yacht Registration for pleasure or commercial yachts;
  • Bareboat Charter Registration;
  • Ship Financing in Cameroon
  • Mortgage Registration and discharge of mortgages;
  • Advising on various forms of security over vessels, such as pledging of shares in shipping companies;
  • Advice on the licencing of Private Maritime Security Companies;
  • Ship/Yacht Charter and Leasing in Cameroon
  • Ship/Yacht Sales and Purchases;
  • Tax Advice related to shipping activities in Cameroon
  • Assistance in Marine Litigation, including the arrest of vessels, cargo claims, collision and pollution claims, enforcement of mortgages and judicial sales by auction.


We believe in services that benefit our clients. Our beliefs and philosophy demonstrate a unique mix of experience, maritime spirit and fresh energy. As the world’s fastest-growing registry, we depend on our workforce’s skills, knowledge, competencies and expertise in delivering professional SMART services and quality to the market. Our investment in people is a fundamental factor in achieving our objectives.

In case you need assistance on this matter or have any further inquiries, you can contact us here.

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