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Steps To Register A Company In Cameroon 2023

Cameroon Company Registration 2023 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Steps to register a company in Cameroon 2023

To register a company in Cameroon, the promoters must ascertain the type of company (private or public limited company). To register a company in Cameroon the promoters must understand the principle of corporate legal entity. In setting up a company in Cameroon, the minimum share capital to set up a private limited company is 1,000,000 (one million) FCFA whereas that of a public limited company is 10,000,000 (Ten million) FCFA. Shares are the unit of holding or right of ownership by an investor in a company.


Registration in Cameroon

      • A Limited Liability Company may be incorporated by one or more natural persons or corporate bodies with a minimum share capital of XAF 1,000,000.

      • A Limited Liability Company can be managed by one or more managers who may be shareholder or non-shareholder.

      • A Branch Office of a Foreign Company which is not a member State of the OHADA Region has only a two-year validity after which it must be transformed into a fully incorporated subsidiary unless a waiver is obtained from the Minister or Trade


    The following tax and business license registrations are essential and obligatory for all companies in Cameroon.

        • Registration of the company in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register (RCCM)

        • A business license (patent) that should be acquired from the Taxation Department by paying an annual fee.

        • Obtainable A tax number from the Taxation Department

        • Register the employees along with the company at the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) and the Labour Office


          • Personal tax rate for First XAF 2 million of annual taxable income is 10%

          • Corporate tax rate is 38.5%

          • There is a withholding tax on dividends at the rate of 16.5%

          • Value-added tax rate 19.25%

          • Capital gains are taxed in Cameroon at the rate of 38.5%.

        Type Limited Liability Company
        Under Cameroon law, foreigners can own 100%
        Share Capital XAF 1,000,000
        Manager Minimum of one
        Shareholders Minimum of One
        Memorandum and Articles of Association Yes
        Can the entity hire expatriate staff in Cameroon Yes, but requires the contract to carry a
        Visa from the minister of employment
        Secretary No
        Tax Registration Certificate Required Yes
        Statutory audit required Yes
        How long to open Corporate Bank Account 1 -2 Weeks
        The timeframe for Incorporation: 5 -8 Weeks
        Annual Return Yes
        Annual Tax Yes
        Access to Cameroon double tax treatises Yes

        Information required from the company founders:

        – Name of Company ( Private or Public ) limited company
        – Objectives of the company
        – Copy of shareholder (s) national identity card, passport or residence permit for foreigners and birth certificate for minors.
        – Non-conviction or non-crime certificate
        – Proficiency certificate (where applicable)
        – Company registered address
        – Company startup share capital.

        Documents to be Prepared by the Commercial Attorney:

        – Memorandum & Article of Association of the company-
        – Notarized statement of subscription and payment of shares
        – Notarized certificate of appointment of company manager
        – Declaration of Regularity and OHADA conformity
        – Notarized list of company shareholders & company manager
        – Location & localization sketch of business premises

        Documents Delivered upon Completion:

        – Certificate of incorporation
        – Certificate of business registration
        – Article /memorandum of association duly stamp
        – Notarize the statement of subscription
        – Taxpayers card
        – Certificate of non-indebtedness
        – Duly signed notarization sketch

        The shareholders must adhere strictly to the Cameroon General Tax Code 2017 to ensure the company is issued an ataxpayer’ser’ss card and a certificate of non-indebtedness. Shareholders are further enjoined to register a company in Cameroon with the National social insurance Fund (CNPS) and place all its workers in an insurance schemata the CIMA Insurance Code 2009.

        To register a company in Cameroon, economic operators involved in International trade are duty bound to adhere to law No 2010/004 of 18th April 2016 governing external trade and decree No 2017/6523/PM of 7th June 2017 to obtain import and export license.


        Article by CHUO ANGABUA JUNIOR


        ‘’The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. We insist specialist advice be sought depending on your specific circumstance’’




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