How to Register a Company in Cameroon!

How to Register a Company in Cameroon!

How to Register a Company in Cameroon. The whole  process is  done at CFCE (Centre des Formalités de Création des Entreprises) which is the public organization in charge of Registering all Companies in the country. 

As in most other countries – The approved minimum age to start a Company in Cameroon is 18, where as the minimum Share Capital required to set up a Private Limited Company[Ltd] is 1 000 000 XFA / $ 1795.18 and  that of a Public Limited Company is 10 000 000 XFA / $ 17 951.79.  It’s also important to know that an individual launching a company must pass a background check to ensure that he is not insane, doesn’t have a Criminal record and that he is not bankrupt.

  • The Process of registering a company in Cameroon

The Process of setting up a company in Cameroon is mostly time consuming, costly and also Scammers can sometimes disguise themselves as government officials – and Pull a Heavy Prank on You! So in order to ensure full safety during the process – We recommend seeking our help from our  specialized lawyers ,  where they can help you revise this  procedure carefully and help you make great decisions!

The Following is a list of required information when registering a Company in Cameroon in accordance with the Uniform Act on Commercial companies and Economic Group of Interests of 1997 as Revised by OHADA.

 Information                                                               Description

1. Two[2] Original MO form Application  
This application will contain:
Name: Name of the company adding the abbreviation[LTD] or Written in Full as “Limited”.- Authorized Share Capital:  Minimum 1 000 000 XFA /$ 1 795.18- Duration: The duration of the company preferably of  99 years – to be  added into the company’s  article of association. –    Business industry: The Business’s INdustry is to be specified!- Shareholders and Company Managers are to be listed and their general info!- Company’s Manager Role Info: Appointment, Remuneration and Dismissal!- 
2. ID or Passport Photocopies!All the shareholders’  and Managers’ ID or Passport Copies  are to be Provided at  the registry! 
3.        [Special Case!]If any shareholder is already a corporate entity, The original resolution of the company will be required!  These resolutions will include clauses expressing authorization of the Old Company to subscribe to shares of the new company, and appoint a person to manage and execute all documents relating to the incorporations of the Company! . 
4. Certificate of Manager’s appointment —[To be fully stamped, Notarized and filed].

5. Localization Sketch of Business Duly approved by the local Revenue Unit!

Alongside the above info; The Notary Public will revise the Overall info, draft a set of documents required to pass on to the next Stage. The documents required to approve the registration are:
1. Memorandum / Article of The Company Association.

2. Statement of subscription and payment of share capital.

3. Appointment of Company Manager. 

4., Lease Agreement of the Business.[Temporal].

5. Declaration of regularity and OHADA conformity.

6. National ID or Passport of all Shareholdersand Managers.

7. List of all Shareholdersand Managers.

Once, the above process is done, The CFCE will provide the documents below, which will act as Proof that your Business is registered!:

  1. Certificate of incorporation duly registered and notarized.
  2. Attestation Of Business Creation. [Temporal]. 
  3. Certificate of non-Indebtedness. 
  4. Business Licence.
  5. Registered Licence.
  6. Certificate of Appointment of Company’s Manager.
  7. Memorandum / Article of The Company Association duly registered and notarized.
  8.  Statement of subscription and payment of share capital duly registered and notarized.

In this whole process, no matter how confused or complicated it can seem – with the help of our specialized lawyers, you’ll be able to navigate it quickly & set up your company ASAP.


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