Oil and Gas Law in Cameroon

Oil and Gas Law in Cameroon

Oil and Gas Law in Cameroon becomes more complex day by day that it seems as if the field has been around long enough to spawn a vast array of regulations and requirements. Leases can become quite intricate when multiple property owners and royalty owners are involved, Horizontal drilling introduces new levels of entanglements, Technology brings it to a whole new level – and other Challenges keep contributing to this Complexity!

At Prime Time Law Office we’re shining stars in this field for our 7 years of extensive experience and though we historically focused on the Nigeria, American & France Market, We has successfully expanded our geographic coverage and handles now international disputes ranging from horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing cases to climate change litigation, royalty class actions and headline disputes regarding the routing of pipelines. And We present many of the biggest oil and gas Companies in Africa!

—– Our Areas Of Experience in this Field 

* Mineral Rights           * Contract & Transactions        
* Regulatory                  * Title Opinions & Examination

The Law regulating Oil and Gas in Cameroon is the  Law no. 64 – LF-4, which was passed on April 6, 1964!

 —Here’s Why you may need us in this Field – By Your side

Property ownership, mineral rights, and the rule of capture all conspire to form a Gordian knot of statutes and regulations that binds the industry together.

Yet creates fissures between parties. Considering the amount of money involved in oil and gas exploration and production, it should come as no surprise that emotions (including greed) run high. — So Worry Less and Let us help you with that burden!


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