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Immigration Law In Cameroon

Immigration Law In Cameroon

Immigration law in Cameroon refers to the rules set by the government for who is allowed to enter or leave the country and for how long. It also governs immigration-concerned documentation.

Prime time law offices is a leading immigration law firm in Cameroon and actively engages in Immigration Law practice.
Our immigration law practice essentially focuses on assisting foreigners seeking to do business in Cameroon and obtain necessary permits.

We also advise Cameroonian nationals seeking to travel abroad, especially for studying or engaging in business on foreign countries immigration requirements
We offer the very best Cameroonian Immigration Lawyer that can advise clients on Cameroon immigration requirements for foreigners seeking to set up a business in Cameroon.

However, it is important to know that we do not process foreign visas for Cameroon travelling abroad but merely advise on immigration law requirements for foreign countries’ temporary and permanent visas, as stipulated in the various foreign laws.
As a credible immigration law firm in Cameroon, we also advise clients seeking to obtain second citizenship overseas. We are the best immigration lawyers in Cameroon and run the best immigration law firm

Our Immigration Services:

      • Processing of Cameroonian business permit.

      • Advising and consulting on student and immigrant visa applications to foreign countries.

      • Processing of the Cameroonian spousal visa – Cameroon -Wife.

      • Advising and guiding of high net-worth individuals seeking second passports in participating Caribbean countries to facilitate moving around the world for business without the stress of visa requirements.

      • Advising on the effect and implication of the provisions of immigration Statutes, Regulations, Rules and Executive Orders of foreign countries. Partial/ total waiver of publication of marriage banns by the state prosecutor.

      • Notarized parental consent letter for minors travelling abroad.

      • Civil status registration documents ( marriage certificate and birth certificate, attestation of single status.

      • Ministry of External relation legalization.

      • Affidavit of sponsorship for study abroad.

      • Notary public certification.

      • Non-conviction certificates.





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