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Leading Oil & Gas Law firm in Cameroon

Leading Oil & Gas Law firm in Cameroon

Leading Oil & Gas Law firm in Cameroon

Prime Time Law Office is regarded as Cameroon’s best law firm in oil & Gas law.

 Best Oil & Gas Law Firm in Cameroon

We are a longstanding player in the Cameroonian oil and gas industry – an industry not without complex political and regulatory challenges. The sector has an essential role as a significant contributor to the Cameroon economy and in meeting growing global energy demands. The industry expertise of our team members allows us an in-depth knowledge of the legal issues confronting operators and an up-to-date understanding of the domestic and international oil and gas markets as they rapidly evolve. We understand and navigate the vast cross-jurisdictional matters for our clients. Our experience includes structuring major oil and gas acquisitions and disposals and developing and financing LNG and floating LNG projects. Our role involves preparing, negotiating and reviewing joint operating agreements, product lifting and sales agreements and associated arrangements such as drilling and EPC contracts.

Prime Time Law Office Attorneys’ Oil & Gas team works across the value chain – upstream, midstream and downstream. We help E&P companies with tenures, licensing, production activities, procurement, and facility operations. We work with midstream companies to get new projects permitted, financed and built, with marketers on product transportation and sales, with service companies on commercial agreements, and with utilities on rates and rate design, commercial contracts and new products.

Prime Time Law Office Attorneys is ranked primus inter pares among Cameroon’s top leading Oil & Gas Law Firms, housing a constellation of the legal industry’s most sought-after leading Oil & Gas Lawyers in Cameroon. We take an interdisciplinary approach to our client work. Many transactions benefit from strategic finance, regulatory, diplomatic and litigation expertise. Many client contacts appreciate that we work efficiently on transactions while informing them of more significant industry and economic implications.

Prime Time Law Office Attorneys’ Oil and gas clients include governments, government entities, independent and national oil and gas companies, marketers, multi-lateral agencies, equity and debt sponsors, utilities, property owners, and developers. We also work with commodities producers and traders, contractors, and exploration and transportation companies. We provide insight into upstream, midstream and downstream commercial activity and regulation. We have extensive and direct experience developing pipeline, terminal, storage and export projects for liquefied natural gas and other products.


Exploration & Production of Oil & Gas.

Joint Ventures

Petroleum industry advisory

Oil Prospecting Lease

Oil Mining Lease

Transporting & marketing of crude oil.

Refining of crude oil.

Importation of refined petroleum products.

Natural gas


Drafting and negotiation of  Oil & Gas industry agreements

Drafting and reviewing various Oil & Gas contracts

Advising on various oil & gas transactions

Interfacing with regulatory authorities in obtaining Oil Prospecting License, Oil Mining Lease and other requisite permits

Arbitration and negotiation on behalf of clients

Petroleum industry litigation

Advising on relevant provisions of Oil & Gas statutes and regulations concerning environmental, tax, employment and administrative law

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