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Company Secretarial Services

Prime Time Law office is Cameroon’s best law firm and offers professional Company secretarial services.

About our Company Secretarial Services Service

We offer company secretarial services for various companies registered in Cameroon. We provide secretarial services for companies in diverse sectors of the Nigerian economy, including oil & gas, information & communication technology, finance, and mining.

We also act as legal representatives for many companies in Cameroon, representing the companies in negotiation and compliance matters. We generally assist companies with head offices in Douala, Yaoundé, Buea and Limbe. Our attorneys are experienced in compliance and legal business advisory.


  • Filing of companies’ statutory returns with the various registrars in Cameroon.
  • Preparation and sending of the notice of board and shareholder’s meetings
  • Attending companies’ board and shareholders meetings and taking minutes
  • Preparation of board resolutions and shareholder resolutions
  • Maintenance of the company’s records, statutory books and registers
  • Legal advisory on corporate compliance and corporate governance
  • Support on general corporate matters and administrative issues of the company
  • Provision of nominee & directorship services


Hiring our law firm to perform company secretarial duties on your behalf can benefit your business considerably. Consider the following advantages:

They will effectively manage your duties and responsibilities.

A company secretary handles a significant amount of admin, such as attesting all the essential documentation, noting down changes in the company and maintaining an account book of stocks and transfers. By outsourcing these responsibilities to a professional, you can ensure that you are following sound business practices and fulfilling your legal requirements.

Experienced professionals.

You will benefit from the knowledge and experience of the company. They will know all the ins and outs of the processes but will also be able to provide a tailor-made service for your company.

Perform duties in a stated time without trouble.

Time is one of the most valuable commodities in business, and deadlines can’t be shifted. With a professional company behind you with the most advanced and time-saving methods available to complete their tasks, you will never wait for something to be achieved.

Save on training costs.

Outsourcing your company’s secretarial services in Cameroon means you won’t need to spend money or time training a recruit to become a secretary. Your outsourced professional will already have all the knowledge and qualifications necessary to complete the assigned tasks.

Take advantage of the latest technology.

Company secretarial firms will have the most up-to-date technology available to them to use for your company. You will benefit from this technology without spending money installing and maintaining these systems.

Eliminate risk.

Ensuring you adhere to all the legal requirements is essential to avoid fines or criminal proceedings. By outsourcing your secretarial services to a professional company, you can rest assured that they will be performing their duties effectively and accurately, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything wrong, reducing the risk of financial penalties.

At Prime Time Law office, we offer CompanyPlus, a managed company secretarial service with your fully-staffed secretarial department. Our company secretarial services will improve your business efficiency overall by freeing your staff to concentrate on their roles.

In case you need assistance on this matter or have any further inquiries, you can contact us here.

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