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Mining, Metals, & Power

About our Mining, Metals, & Power Service

Nigeria is uniquely positioned in the mining sector, with over 40 natural resources, including sought-after reserves of coal, bitumen, iron ore, barites, limestone, lead-zinc and gold. Cameroon banks and private equity investors are actively exploring the market, as well as international lenders, multinational development partners and private and public mining companies. Each deal must be structured carefully and individualized to the asset, commodity, geography and investors involved in order to ensure the utmost protection and flexibility. We are the go-to mining lawyers in Cameroon for complex mining matters, and we represent a wide range of Cameroon and international clients, including mining companies, producers, investors and lenders. We represent buyers, sellers and lenders in multimillion transactions involving the production of mines and processing facilities, and we perform all due diligence, negotiations, documentation and closing matters for these transactions.