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Real Estate & Property

Prime Time Law office is Cameroon’s best and leading law firm in the Real estate industry.

About our Real Estate & Property Service

Top Real Estate Law Firm in Cameroon

Prime Time Law Office is privileged to offer legal consultations on some of Cameroon’s most remarkable and challenging real estate deals. Our practice strongly focuses on sophisticated real estate private equity transactions and covers everything from asset acquisitions/dispositions, joint ventures and financings to development, distressed debt investments and commercial leasing. The global real estate industry is constantly evolving in response to the changing needs of property investors and users. Our Real Estate Group is positioned to advise on property acquisition and disposals, finance, development, real estate tax structures and real estate outsourcing. The combination of Primetime Law Office Lawyers’ long-standing involvement with real estate investors, borrowers and lenders and our structured finance expertise has given us in-depth knowledge of modern real estates financial instruments, such as A/B note structures, broken securitization transactions and similar situations. We have the insight to assess existing structures and associated market standards quickly, provide pertinent advice regarding the risks of particular forms, and lead our clients to an efficient closing.

Our Real Estate Finance team represents the leading investment banks, institutional lenders, insurance companies, international investment funds, fund sponsors, special servicers, and other financial institutions in complex real estate finance transactions.

Our team has a distinct capital markets focus with deep experience in secured and unsecured credit facilities, mezzanine, construction, term loans, syndicated loan facilities, commercial mortgage loan origination, and investments in CMBS, RMBS and other structured real estate debt products. We have also advised on A/B tiered structures, leasehold financings, preferred equity structures, participations and syndicated facilities, credit tenant loans, bridge and permanent financings, acquisition and disposition of loans (collateralized or unsecured), as well as restructurings, workouts and foreclosures of commercial and residential mortgage loans.

Our lawyers work closely with corporate property owners, institutional investors and developers to gain a thorough understanding of their real estate goals, both legal and financial. We devise solutions for all commercial property matters through a rigorous project assessment. Our expertise combines our understanding of the marketplace and rapidly evolving regulatory challenges, our global experience, and our commercially minded approach. We are equally involved in all aspects of planning, negotiating and executing real estate projects supported by integrated access to related practice areas, including construction, environmental, regulatory compliance and litigation.

If you’re in real estate, you know that real estate transactions have unique tax considerations and consequences. We can assist you in structuring the acquisition, development and disposition of real estate, including tax-deferred condemnations and provide tax advice to buyers and sellers concerning property tax and transfer tax issues associated with real estate transfers. We also represent investors (including private equity and institutional investors), developers and governmental agencies in structuring, drafting and negotiating the partnership, joint venture and limited liability company agreements for single-asset projects and real estate funds.

Prime Time Law Office team represents real estate investors, institutions and lenders in acquiring and disposing of distressed debt and assets, restructurings and servicing, managing and financing non-performing loans, sub-performing loans and REO property.

Our team excels in devising innovative structures and negotiating complex transactions that set new standards for the real estate market. We have handled some of the most complex distressed debt acquisitions and loan workouts.

We have particular strength in the hospitality, office and residential sectors. We have deep transactional experience in Cameroon.

In case you need assistance on this matter or have any further inquiries, you can contact us here.

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